I’ve promised an update about the audiobook conference (APAC) and that’s coming, although my iPhone decided to wipe out my half-done post so I’m still rewriting that. However, before much more time passes I wanted to make a very special announcement, one that my friends who read this blog already know, but not all of my VO friends and clients know about yet.

My husband Andy and I are expecting our first child in early August! We’re super excited about welcoming and facing the unknown changes and challenges this baby will bring into our lives. We don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl, so there’s the old fashioned element of surprise left for us when I deliver our baby on top of all the wonderful and overwhelming feelings that go along with being first time parents. I’m pretty sure being cat-parents doesn’t count ;) (although nearly a decade of dealing with litter boxes and hairballs has had a stomach-strengthening effect over the years that should do well by us with all that babies do on a regular basis.)

So now that this is out in the wide open, here’s my rough game plan in terms of VO for the upcoming months. Starting when I give birth (estimated to be August 7th but realistically could be a week on either side of that) I will spend 2-3 weeks focusing on just being a new mom, where I won’t be taking on any new clients, but will handle any “emergencies” for my current clients. Anyone I’m currently working with will get an email reminder of the dates that may be affected and I’ll have a notice of when that time off officially starts ready to send out once the baby comes. My husband is more than qualified to hit the “send” button on that email on my behalf. After that initial time away from my studio, I will be working 100% from home, guaranteed for 8-9 more weeks. My husband also works from home, so since we’ll be sharing as much of the newborn responsibilities as possible (while certain things will naturally be 100% my job), I’ll have regular studio time and will be “back to work” for new and existing clients. The biggest difference will be figuring out my turnaround time on projects based on all the new changes going on in our lives, and that will be communicated on a per-project basis as we take things one day at a time until we’re more accustomed to our baby’s schedule and needs.

If you regularly read this blog, you know that I also have a full-time production and VO job in radio. At this point and for many reasons, I won’t be speculating about the choices I will make towards the end of my guaranteed 12 weeks of leave. I’m grateful that we’ll have our insurance through them and that my leave is at least partially paid, as the time off from my freelance work and my husband being away from his editorial assignments and other photo work during the first few weeks won’t be a hardship on us and we can focus on what’s important – being parents to this awesome little baby!

If you follow me on facebook or twitter (which I don’t post on frequently so I won’t be an annoying add), I will be broadcasting my availability changes on there. Even though I’ll have a brand new baby on my hip, I’m still hopelessly attached to my iPhone and our iPad so I probably won’t be taking any time off from social media (or Angry Birds or Ticket to Ride…) During those middle of the night feedings with baby, I welcome you to challenge me to a game of Words with Friends and help me stay mentally sharp (username – arielleaudio). It’s a very exciting time for us and I’m happy to share that baby and I are healthy and having a low-risk pregnancy, and I’m feeling great, fully enjoying these last 8 weeks or so before becoming a new mom.

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