Just coming off the Thanksgiving holiday, I’ve been reflecting more than usual on things I’m thankful and grateful for. There’s a lot in my personal life, but also on the business side. I’ve got great clients and have built strong relationships with cool people; we know what to expect from each other and work well together. While my current clients already know the level of service, creativity and energy I bring to their projects, I wanted to create a few offers for new Radio and TV imaging clients. Choose which special better fits your needs:

- Any radio or TV station that contracts with me for a year of imaging voiceover work will get the 13th month of my voiceover services free.


- Any radio or TV station that contracts with me for at least 6 months of imaging VO will get the last month of that contract at an “unlimited” page limit, regardless of the regular monthly page limit.

These specials are good through January 7, 2011 for new imaging contracts that go into effect by February 1, 2011.

Many stations flip when they come back from playing Christmas/Holiday music, and if an imaging change is part of your New Year’s plan, let’s talk! My rates are fair and scalable based on your monthly copy needs and market size. Quarterly retainers and full imaging VO buyouts are also available in smaller markets.

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